What Causes Surprise HVAC Replacement Costs?

There are certain situations in which the cost of an HVAC replacement goes over the quoted budget. Sure, ithis may seem like a cause for concern, but you can still have your new heating or air conditioning installed easily as long as you keep in touch with your contractor.

Today, local AC and heater repair company Air Comfort Inc. sheds light on possiblee unexpected costs that you need to prepare for.

Damaged Ductwork

Your home’s air duct system delivers warm or cooled air to different areas of your home. This network of ducts is vital to your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. Given how delicate these components are, they can easily get damaged, resulting in leaks that can compromise the performance of your HVAC equipment. Talk to your contractor to find out if duct cleaning and repairs are necessary, and if they can be included in the HVAC replacement costs.

Rotten Wall Studs

Wall studs are vulnerable to rot in areas of the home that have too much moisture. Since they’re part of the drywall, AC and boiler repair pros may have to remove them during installation. This may raise the quoted price of the HVAC replacement.

Electrical Upgrades

If you live in an older home and need to replace your current HVAC equipment, the final cost of the installation may increase if it’s determined that an electrical upgrade is necessary. The new unit’s energy requirements may not be enough for your home’s electrical capacity to handle. Certified technicians may have to install new wiring and breakers to accommodate the new HVAC unit and avoid causing an overload.In an HVAC replacement,

it’s always safe to assume that an “emergency” budget will be needed. These unexpected costs, after all, are beyond your control. So, it would make sense to prepare a contingency plan that’s equal to at least 10% to 20% of your budget. To arrive at an exact figure, you can raise your budget or any home-related concerns with your local HVAC technicians during the consultation.

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