What Are the Best Ways to Heat a Garage?

Heating a garage is very common for homeowners who use this space for workshops, hobbies, projects, or extra living space. Of course, there are both pros and cons of heating a garage. But with the number of options available, finding the best ways to heat a garage for your specific application involves a little research and a lot of factoring in the details of your situation. Your boiler repair experts share a few basic things you might want to consider when heating a garage.

Assess Your Heating Needs

Determine how difficult it is to heat up your garage space. Consider the size of your garage, as well as just how cold it gets in your area. You must check your garage insulation to measure how much heating output you’ll need. Heat output is measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units. What you need is to measure your garage space and think about how warm you need it to be.

Insulate your Garage

According to heater repair experts, you don’t want all of your warm air to seep out through cracks. Even if you have insulated walls, consider insulating doors and either finishing or insulating an open rafter ceiling. If you live in an extremely cold climate, you can add additional protection from heat loss easily and cheaply by using plastic shrink film to cover any windows in the garage.

Heating Options

Forced Air Heating- It literally blows hot air into a space to heat it. It’s less expensive than some other duct systems and fairly efficient in terms of power consumption versus output.

Convection Heating- This warms the air by passing the air over a heated coil and then pushing it out by a fan. With natural airflow, it moves the hot air to flow up and the cool air to flow down which creates an ambient temperature.

Ductless Heating- Also known as mini-split heating systems, they consist of two components – an outdoor condenser or compressor and an air handling unit indoors. As the name indicates, it does not need ductwork to be installed nor does it need to connect to existing duct systems.

Portable Space Heater- It can cover only the space necessary or at least keep the immediate area around you even warmer on the coldest of days.

Choosing a source for heating your garage can be difficult, with a lot to consider in the process. Count on Air Comfort, Inc. to provide you with a wide selection of heating solutions. With more than five decades of experience serving homeowners with quality HVAC service, workmanship, and customer care. They also offer repair of your boiler and heater control systems.

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