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HVAC Considerations When Your Finishing Basement

Are you planning an basement improvement project? Maybe you mainly want to finish your basement because you plan on hosting a cool party, but no matter the reason, a finished basement is a good addition to your home, as well as a good investment. This is because it will increase the value of your home while also providing extra space to accommodate storage or even a hang-out area.

Ways to Reduce Allergen Exposure This Spring Allergy Season

According to 2018 data from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Youngstown, OH, is one of the most challenging places to live in the Midwest if you suffer from spring allergies, ranking third in the region and 18th overall in the United States. With spring now here, it can be hard to deal with all the sniffles and sneezes you’re experiencing. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce allergen exposure at this time of the year.

The Alarming Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

The furnace is a vital part of keeping your home’s interior warm, especially during the cold winter months. It’s imperative then to schedule heater repair service as needed to ensure top performance. Some people, however, tend to put this off due to a lack of time or money, or the fact that they have no idea that their furnace needs repaired in the first place.

Products to Help You Achieve a Healthier, More Comfortable Home

Products to Help You Achieve a Healthier, More Comfortable Home

Having a comfortable home goes beyond the aesthetics—improving air quality can enhance your home’s environment just as much as furniture and decor. In today’s blog post, HVAC control systems expert Air Comfort, Inc., explains some heating and cooling products that can help you achieve a healthier, more comfortable home.
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All About Comfort: Getting to Know Air Comfort, Inc.

All About Comfort Getting to Know Air Comfort, Inc.

Air conditioning and heating are key elements of maintaining the ideal indoor temperature in your home or business. As such, you need to entrust these vital home systems to a reliable company that will prioritize your comfort and satisfaction: Air Comfort, Inc.. In today’s article, our local heater and boiler repair experts explain what makes our company a cut above the rest.
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HVAC Horror Story

HVAC Horror STory

In the summer of 2015, Contractor B replaced the furnace and A/C at the home of an Afghan War veteran and his family. Plagued by ongoing hot and cold spots as a result of this installation, we were called in to offer a solution. Apparently the new equipment was much taller than the system it replaced. Instead of installing a shorter furnace and coil, the contractor modified the duct work by removing one of the zone dampers – rendering the controls useless. Attempts to rectify this problem of their own creating included installing one of their yard signs in the duct work to direct more air to the affected areas. It didn’t work, yet they charged the homeowner over $1,000.00 for their attempts to cover their mistakes. We offered to install a properly designed system and sell the 2 ½ year old equipment on consignment. Stay tuned for further updates.