Author: Ted Mumma

How Taking Care of Your Lawn Matters for Your HVAC Unit

Keeping your yard as clean as possible isn’t just about aesthetics. Observing proper lawn maintenance can also affect the overall condition of your home. For instance, trimming back the overhanging branches of trees surrounding your property helps protect your gutters from getting clogged. This also ensures your roof doesn’t collect leaves.

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The way you take care of your lawn can also have an impact on your HVAC unit’s performance. Local AC and heater repair contractor Air Comfort Inc. discusses more below.

Continuous Air Intake

Outdoor HVAC units need to have proper air circulation so that the indoor air remains cool. By keeping your yard in good condition, you ensure the continuous air intake of the unit, allowing it to properly cool the air in your home  AC and boiler repair pros recommend keeping the outdoor unit clear of any obstructions that might compromise its ability to circulate air. Make sure your lawn is cut and trimmed to prevent foliage from growing near or toward the outdoor unit. In the fall, remove any debris that may collect around the unit like leaves, twigs and other organic matter. Otherwise a large piece of debris could get lodged in the unit’s fan, causing it to stop spinning and the unit to stop working.

Observing Shifting Concrete

Yard care also involves keeping an eye out for any changes in the concrete surrounding your home. Outdoor HVAC units are installed on concrete slabs, and you must see to it that it doesn’t show cracks or signs of shifting or tilting.T hese forms of damage can occur because of inadequate yard maintenance, as well as improper watering. If any of these signs appear, you/re looking at irreversible damage to your unit, necessitating an immediate replacement. 

Call a concrete expert to have the slab repaired to protect the outdoor unit from further damage. 

Meanwhile, ensure your HVAC unit’s health and performance by having it inspected and maintained periodically. For this, turn to local certified technician at Air Comfort Inc. We’re the leading contractor for residential heating and cooling needs, as well as commercial HVAC control systems. Give us a call at (330) 434-8107 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We serve residents of Kent, OH, and surrounding areas.


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