How to Shut Down Your Furnace

We love our furnaces, but it’s always a great day when we can finally shut them off for good until next year. Since that day is quickly approaching, you might be wondering what you need to do to turn off your furnace until next winter.

Today, your heater repair experts from Air Comfort, Inc. are going to help you do that by sharings tips for shutting down your furnace after the heating season.

Turn off the pilot light. If you have an older heating system, you’ll want to shut off its gas supply. Pilot lights are always lit in anticipation of the next heating cycle, so they consume gas 24/7. It will also prevent possible safety issues over the middle of the year.

Switch your thermostat setting. When it’s time to switch to using your air conditioner, boiler repair providers advise flipping the switch on your thermostat from “heat” to “cool” so that your furnace is no longer in use.

Clean up. Removing anything from your furnace area will also make it easier to access the indoor portion of your air conditioner when you need to change your filter. The air filter must be clean in order to protect the interior from debris which comes through the return vent.

Call your Local Contractor

Consulting professionals for any repair issues with the furnace will help you with switching your control systems from heating to cooling. Air Comfort, Inc. can meet all of your heating and cooling needs. We also offer heater and boiler repair. Air Comfort, Inc., is a fully licensed, bonded and insured HVAC company. Which means you will have confidence in the services they love to offer you. Avail of the best HVAC products and services by calling (330) 434-8107 or filling out our contact form to set a consultation. We serve clients in Kent, OH.

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