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Industrial ChillerMaintaining a commercial building or facility is no small feat. It involves a lot of systems, including heating, cooling and ventilation. Some businesses also require industrial refrigeration, which is also part of a commercial building’s HVAC system. To make sure that all of these systems are taken care of appropriately, it’s necessary to work with a trusted commercial HVAC contractor.

Since 1961, Air Comfort, Inc., has been proudly and successfully providing commercial HVAC services in Northeast Ohio. As part of our wide range of services, we offer the installation and maintenance of industrial air handlers and chillers.

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Air handler units (or AHUs) are used to regulate and circulate air coming from a centralized HVAC system. Generally, an air handler is a large metal box composed of a blower, the heating and/or cooling elements, sound attenuator, filter racks and dampers. The AHU is typically connected to the ductwork, which distributes air from a building’s air conditioner or heating unit.

As your full-service local HVAC contractor, Air Comfort can design, install and maintain air handler units in your commercial building or office to help ensure optimal indoor comfort and energy efficiency.

High-Quality Industrial Chiller Installation & Maintenance

Air Comfort also specializes in different types and sizes of industrial chillers and cooling applications. As part of our commercial HVAC services, we offer design consultation, installation, repair and maintenance of chillers and coolers.

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