Ways to Reduce Allergen Exposure This Spring Allergy Season

According to 2018 data from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Youngstown, OH, is one of the most challenging places to live in the Midwest if you suffer from spring allergies, ranking third in the region and 18th overall in the United States. With spring now here, it can be hard to deal with all the sniffles and sneezes you’re experiencing. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce allergen exposure at this time of the year.

Ways to Reduce Allergen Exposure This Spring Allergy Season

Air Comfort, Inc., your local AC and heater repair contractor, discusses these steps below.

A Word About Pollen

It’s worth noting that many spring allergies are brought about by the billions of pollen particles that are scattered into the air from trees, grasses, weeds and flowers. Allergic reactions occur in allergy sufferers when pollen and other allergens enter the nose and lungs, leading to a variety of unpleasant symptoms. These symptoms are often similar to those of a cold, but the difference is that with an allergy the sneezing happens two or three times in a row, with thin, clear mucous discharge from the nose and no fever.

Reducing Exposure to Pollen and Other Allergens

One way to decrease the likelihood of allergic reactions in the spring is to wear protective equipment to protect yourself from pollen. Wearing glasses can help stop these tiny particles from getting into your eyes, while a filtered mask will help keep them out of your nose and mouth.

When you’re inside your home and the wind is going strong outside, consider closing your windows and doors. That way, you don’t saturate the indoor air with pollen. To take it one step further, your local heating and AC control systems provider recommends equipping your home with units that boost indoor air quality. We also advise cleaning or replacing the filters of your HVAC system regularly.

Be aware that there’s no truth to the notion that moving to an area with a different climate will help alleviate spring allergies. Indoor allergens like dust or mold along with other outdoor allergens can cause allergy symptoms in many different locations, so it would make more sense to take the steps mentioned above rather than to move.

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