4 Important Considerations for an HVAC System Upgrade

Buying a new heating and cooling system isn’t as simple as purchasing a new refrigerator. Digital control systems and integration with a smart home are great features to have, but there’s more you should be looking into if you’re thinking about upgrading. Air Comfort, Inc. discusses the important considerations you need to be aware of when upgrading your HVAC system.

4 Important Considerations for an HVAC System Upgrade

Efficiency — Always choose the most efficient HVAC system that your budget will allow. Heating and cooling are used throughout the year, which means an efficient HVAC system can significantly cut down on your monthly energy costs. If you intend to keep the same type of heating and cooling system, make a note of its energy rating (AFUE for furnaces, HSPF for heat pumps and SEER for air conditioners), and compare it with the new system before making your decision.

Maintenance Requirements — HVAC systems require regular maintenance if you expect them to keep you comfortable all year ’round. However, not all HVAC systems have the same maintenance requirements, and a relatively low-maintenance system may save you the cost of one or two heater repair appointments. The same applies to related components such as filters and ductwork. In some homes, multiple mini-split systems may be more efficient than having a ducted, centralized heating and cooling system.

Indoor Air Quality — Your HVAC system circulates the air that you breathe in your home and keeps your family safe from indoor air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and mold. Indoor humidity can also be a problem that conventional humidifier/dehumidifier systems–or even regular ventilation–can’t solve. Consider features such as high-power whole-home filters or humidifiers/dehumidifiers built into your HVAC system.

Fuel Type — Your furnace can run on gas, oil or electricity. In addition to its efficiency, consider how you’ll buy your fuel, and how much it may be costing you in a month. Choosing a heating system that uses a different fuel type may help reduce your fuel expenses. Better yet, an entirely different system, such as a geothermal heat pump, may be more suitable for your home.

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